Dear forum members,

I cannot import UForgeStudioAppliance_v2.0.24_120111.ova into VMware ESXi directly.

And I found a workaround.
I can import it into VMware Player if I ignore a warning.
Then, I can convert and send a VMware Player image into VMware ESXi using VMware vCenter Converter Standalone.

However, I met a problem during the first boot of the converted ESXi UForgeStudioAppliance VM - its GUI was not launched.
The following commands solve the issue:

Xorg -configure
cp /etc/X11
cd /etc/X11
mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.old
mv xorg.conf

If I press Alt+F2 on the console in VMware vSphere Client, I can switch the VM from a lifeless GUI mode to a fine CUI and execute those commands.