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    Default Major upgrade of UForge

    We are currently upgrading UForge since Friday Feb 12 2010 7PM CET

    During this time, the UForge web service will be de-activated and you will not
    be able to connect.

    Once the service resumes, you'll be proposed to upgrade UShareBuilder
    when you relaunch it. Please make sure you accept this upgrade as the
    old version of UShareBuilder will not be able to connect to the new version
    of UForge service

    Sorry for the inconvenience

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    The new UForge platform is now back online

    After relaunching the UShareBuilder application, you'll be prompted for upgrading to 1.6.0 version.

    Due to a change in Adobe Air update mechanism the update will fail unless you first remove the UShareBuilder application from your system. (see instructions further down in the message)

    Once the application is removed please go back to our web site on
    to effectively make the upgrade as older versions of UShareBuilder will not work with the new UForge platform.

    How to uninstall UShareBuilder

    On RPM based systems (CentOS, Fedora, ...):

    rpm -e `rpm -aq | grep -i usharebui`

    On Debian/Ubuntu based systems
    apt-get remove `dpkg --get-selections | grep-i usharebuilder`
    On MacOS based systems:

    in the Application/Utilities folder of the Finder select the Terminal applications
    and type sudo rm -rf /Applications/UShare\
    at the passwd prompt type the Administrator platform

    On Windows based systems:

    sekect the Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Applications
    find & select the UShareBuilder entry and click remove

    Note that if the application does not appear in the list of removable
    installed apps the installation might fail if you have residual files in
    C:\Program Files\UShare Builder
    In this case and in this case ONLY please use Windows Explorer to delete the contents of
    C:\Program Files\UShare Builder

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